Growing Grapes in Montana

Resources and information for growing grapes in Montana.

Papers and Research

Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture – Provides a realistic picture of the process and what it takes to be successful by using web-based decision-making tools.

“Considering a Vineyard?”, Dr. Paul Domoto, Professor of Fruits, Nuts, & Fruit Trees Iowa State University

Larry Robertson and others, 2015 Nebraska Vita Nord Presentation, “Montana’s Grape & Wine Industry”. Larry Robertson, USDA, Dept. Natural Resources Conservation, Soil Conservationist

Cultivating  Marquette Like Vinifera, by Bill Ward

Marquette: A Grape Worth Getting to Know, Napa Valley Register

Growing Grapes in Montana, MSU Extension

Informational Sites

University of Minnesota Grape Breeding and Enology

Michigan State University Viticulture

Integrated Pest Mgmt in Montana

Extension – Grapes