The Montana Grape and Wine Association is a gathering of Grape Growers, Wine Makers, Sponsors, Supporters,  and Friends.

Join us for the 10th Annual MTGWA Annual Conference!

Members (and others) choosing to attend the 2024 Montana Grape and Wine Association annual conference are in for a treat. The April annual meeting in Billings offers a full agenda and great opportunities for networking with growers, winemakers and experts from the industry.

The three-day event begins Thursday, April 25 at the Post on the campus of the Depot in Billings. Thursday is seen as a travel day so the agenda is light, but it will be a red-letter day for wine tasting.

The annual People’s Choice awards, which give winemakers a chance to be judged by their peers and their friends kicks off Thursday. For an additional fee, a panel of professionals will provide written feedback on member wines. 

Speaker topics for this year’s agenda will include legislation, vineyard health best practices, herbicide and nutrient use, marketing strategies, and much more. The conference will conclude with a vineyard tour.