The Montana Grape and Wine Association is a gathering of Grape Growers, Wine Makers, Sponsors, Supporters,  and Friends.


 Bob Thaden, MTGWA President

AS OF APRIL 19, we are no longer the Montana Grape and Winery Association, but instead are the Montana Grape and Wine Association.  This was necessary to move us from a Private Foundation to a Public Charity.  Website, memberships, officers, bylaws and sign-on information all remain the same.  But after three years of wandering through the slough of IRS paperwork, we are now happily in the joyful vineyards of great Montana wine!

In early April, 2021, the WINERY ASSOCIATION OF MONTANA officially was spun off from MTGWA as a 501(c)6 trade Association.  One of the immediate benefits is that WAM is instantly entitled to up to 12 special permits per year for wine tastings, wine festivals, etc.

Watch for the upcoming FIRST ANNUAL MONTANA WINE FESTIVAL, sponsored by our sister organization, The Wine Association of Montana, to be held in Columbia Falls on August 14th.  Details will be forthcoming!  The following day on August 15th right next to the new White Raven Vineyard, MTGWA amateur and commercial members will be invited to meet for fun and wine tasting, and our popular Peoples’ Choice wine competition.  MARK YOUR CALENDARS!