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The Grape Growers

Montana Grape Growers are working for fine grapes in the  micro climates of our  large state.   Grape Growers, Members, and New Folks can find helpful information on this site and through membership and friendship with Montana's Grape Growers. View methods for cold,  hardy grapes.  This is what happens when people are passionate about grapes and their soil:  A very personal, and intimate,  relationship between grower and vine: The Montana appellation.

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The Winemakers

After the vine's grapes reach sweet ripening, making fine wine is the immediate goal.  The reach for authentic and satisfying wine is a longtime and very historical quest.   Grape pressing,  brix testing,  acid  titrations are all important parts of the process for our making our special grapes into Montana  wine. We have winemakers to introduce.  Their  labeled, finished bottles of vintage wine  will always carry the taste of Montana.  The soil, the air, and the water, behind these vintners is pure and without pollution.

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The Vineyards

 This  Foch grape grows on the beautiful shores of Flathead Lake in North Western Montana.  Catch the latest, "present time", news from our Vineyards and Wine Makers in our blog.  From time to time, we will invite experts and oenophiles to share their thoughts or research.  Follow us in our work to make  the unctuous wine.  Picturesque and artistic grandeur lies beyond every vineyard in Montana, (no matter where the location on our state map).  Beauty in the air, beauty in the vine, beauty in the bottle.  Montana wine is about discovery, survival, climate & beauty.

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