Montana's wine makers say, "Drinking good wine with good food and good company, in Montana, is one of life's most civilized pleasures".

Grapes ready for winery

After a long growing season, harvest began in the vineyards.  This harvest was pinot noir grapes.  Grape sugar levels were tested and it was a go.  It should be a great year for the 2014 wine.

Harvested Grapes

Grapes are picked at harvest.  No leaves, no debris, no bad grapes.  A clean box is prepared.  The boxes are filled and then moved to the pressing room.

Ice Wine Making at Tongue River Winery

Ice wine making is an unusual winemaking process.  It is a special desert wine made from grapes that have frozen while still on the vine.  Sugars and solids do not freeze.  The juice water does freeze.  This allows a concentrated, special, sweet wine.  Freezing happens before fermentation.  Ice wine is very limited to wine growing regions where the necessary cold temperature can be counted upon.  Canada and Germany are the largest producers of ice wines.  Now, Montana is joining in, some vintners are making ice wine.