Goodspeed Vineyard-From Vines to Wine over Five Years

In 2009, Don Goodspeed and Wayne Westburg started looking into the viability of growing grapes in Montana.  Don studied, carefully.  They decided that cold weather grapes could grow in Montana.   Don ordered Foch and LaCrosse Grape plants and began planning the site.

In early 2010, they cleared a North West facing slope, put in drain pipes, and had  an excavator turn over soils.  Rows were tilled.  Vines arrived  in early May. By July, the plants were taking hold.  Over the next 3 years the vines were carefully nursed. Don  planted four more varieties.

Year four brought a  first reasonable harvest and they began wine making.  They plan to sell excess grapes to local wine makers starting this year, 2015.




Getman Vineyard

Dan Getman has been growing cherries, peaches, raspberries, apricots, apples and Concord Grapes over the past years.

In August of 2014, he prepared and staked out his new vineyard.  The vineyard is on the East shore of Flathead Lake.  He began the work towards  wine grapes.

He has met with as many experts as possible; all examining his site for drainage, air flow, and soil.  

This  second year's growing season has arrived.  His progress can be seen in these photos.  His plan includes  Petite Pearl, Marquette, and Riesling Grapes.